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Why shouldn't you use a punishment or choke collar?

Choosing the right collar for our dog can be a puzzle . We have to like it aesthetically but it also needs to be functional so that the dog and owner can fully enjoy the walk, especially if your pet tends to pull. Maybe they recommended a training or correction collar, but used incorrectly they can hurt our pets.

Because collars are useful but complex tools , we believe you shouldn't use one randomly if you are not an experienced trainer. This does not mean that you will no longer be able to walk in peace through your neighborhood. Here is a solution validated by trainers and that will change your walks: the martingale collar.

Martin necklace… what?

This may be the first time you've read about the martingale. To get into context, since EPIC Pets was founded, we have only designed and marketed this type of collar above size S, due to the great benefits it has. Its operation is simple: if the dog pulls on the leash , the ring system gradually tightens its neck. At EPIC Pets, we add another detail to the collar: depending on the ring you choose, the collar can be in a martingale position or in a standard position, to suit your needs.

Golden retriever with martingale collar EPIC Pets navy

Avoid physical and psychological damage to your pet

The most important difference is that the martingale collar is designed to have a limit on how much it can tighten your pet's neck , and only tightens while there is active pulling. On the other hand, punishment collars used outside of training turn out to be the wrong tool, as they can tighten even if the dog is not pulling. When the pet's neck is compressed, it begins to lack oxygen, and strangulation leads the dog to stop and wait for its owner.

In addition to discomfort and uncontrolled gasping, the chain of the correction collar can cause skin injuries. The pain that the dog feels every time it wants to explore or sniff progressively leads it to consider that its environment is hostile, which is why it can develop aggressive behaviors, another serious consequence.

Collar or harness?

This dilemma still divides veterinarians and pet owners. In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages . The collar gives more control over the pet and is very useful during training periods. But certain breeds are more sensitive to the neck and throat, such as French bulldogs and pugs, in this case we recommend a breastplate . It also depends on the size of your dog and his walking habits.

Would you rather not choose right now? The EPIC look (includes collar, harness, leash and bandana ) is for you. You can exchange collar and harness as it fits you best. A day in the city? Better the martingale collar to control your pet during the walk. Getaway in the woods? Let him wear a bib, you'll barely put the leash on him anyway :-)

EPIC Look with collar harness leash and cherry bandana

In any case, and although we hope it never becomes useful , don't forget to use an identification plate! Whether it is in an urban environment, in the mountains or on the beach, it is important to be able to identify your dog with its name and have it carry your phone number, in case of any incident.

We wish you happy and long walks together, thank you for taking care of your pet's well-being by choosing EPIC Pets!



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