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Collar or harness: Which is better for your dog?

Every owner should aim to walk comfortably with their dog, so the choice between harness and collar is crucial . Outside of brachycephalic breeds (bulldogs, pugs, boxers) that should never be collared , the question remains open. Veterinarians and ethologists do not agree: even other owners will swear that their dog pulls less on the leash with a collar, others with a harness. Confused? Discover below our balance on the issue.

Why choose a necklace?

The collar or harness performs the same function : they are attached to the leash and allow you to maintain control over the pet during walks. The collar has the advantage of being easy to put on and take off , and to wear little over time. In addition, it offers a privileged place to place the identification tag , essential for canine safety. Dogs that are not prone to pulling on the leash and do not have breathing problems will be very comfortable with a collar, without risk of injury. Eye! For long-haired breeds (collies, Maltese, Afghan hounds) , a collar is always more comfortable than a harness.

Two mixed breed dogs wearing martingale collar EPIC Pets


However, the neck is a very sensitive area of ​​your pet's body, so care should always be taken to avoid injuring it. Unlike a punishment collar , the martingale collars we make at EPIC Pets are designed to ensure control without hurting : the pressure on the neck is divided between the two rings instead of just one for a classic collar. When the dog is pulled, the collar gradually tightens , signaling undesirable behavior. It is useful during the training phase and throughout their lives, both for adults and puppies.

In summary: if your dog does not have respiratory problems and is calm , there is no contraindication for the collar. On the other hand, if their breed prevents its use, or if you find the harness more comfortable, it is also an excellent option.

Why choose a harness?

Dog owners traditionally worry about the pressure exerted on the neck ; in fact, the harness represents an excellent alternative to avoid potential cervical injuries, thyroid problems or choking. Indeed, one of its benefits is to distribute force across the chest and back.

For breeds that should not wear a collar, the harness protects the spine (for example, dachshunds or chihuahuas) and prevents the development of respiratory problems (for dogs with a snub snout, pugs, bulldogs, etc.). It is also practical for dog owners. large dogs that have a lot of strength or the mischievous ones that always escape from their collar. For sports or traveling by car, the support distributed at various points on the body provided with the harness is recommended.

And as for the drawbacks? Putting on a harness can be more complicated and time-consuming for a nervous dog or puppy.

To recap:

Some advantages of the necklace

  • Practical, easy to put on + name tag
  • Greater control for training
  • Ideal for long-haired dogs

Some advantages of the harness

  • Mandatory for dogs with respiratory or spinal problems
  • Useful for dogs that have a lot of strength or pull a lot
  • Comfortable for exercising or traveling with your dog

Although opinions differ greatly as do veterinary advice, the good news is that several expert studies have shown that neither the collar nor the harness are harmful for breeds without specific contraindications. Nor does it generate more stress to walk with one or the other.

EPIC Pets martingale collar size guide

Remember: whatever your choice, it is essential to use a collar or harness of the correct size (see our size guide) well placed, so that pets can walk safely. To place the harness correctly, you need to position it on the chest and back (never on the neck) and check that a finger fits between the pet's body and the harness straps. And don't forget to give your canine a Name Tag !

Sizing guide for EPIC Pets harnesses

In the end, why not alternate between the two? Take a look at our EPIC Looks with collar, harness, leash and bandana to always walk in style. Now let's walk together!


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