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EPIC mission.


We are a 100% Mexican design pet accessories store. Our brand understands that an accessory for your pet is also an accessory for you, which is why we seek to match each of our objects with the lifestyle that each owner leads, both on the walk and at home.


We take care of every detail of our products, thinking about where they come from and where they go. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we select quality raw materials to extend the lifespan, as well as recycled materials, cardboard packaging, recyclable or reusable bags.

We do our part for the development of our country by generating high-quality products that demonstrate the capacity of Mexican design and hands. We seek to support the generation of employment and help other animals that need us.

We donate 5% of the price of each sale to the Presencia Animal foundation, where we support sterilization and adoption campaigns


Our designs are aimed at those who love animals as much as we do. We know that it is not just about owning a pet, but making it part of our family. So we lovingly design products for them with the same dedication as we would for you.

We do it for them, those who receive us with the same joy every day, those who give us unconditional love and show us that, despite life's difficulties, they will always be there for us.


EPIC PETS was born from a love for design and animals, we identified a need to offer quality pet products and minimalist aesthetics at a fair price.

We collaborate with a group of talented people, who every day push us to bring to life the dream of designing for our best friends.

All pets, purebred or mixed breed, have their own personality, their own quirks, charms and faces. Each one is epic in its own way. Through our products we seek to bring together people who recognize how great their pet is and want to be part of our history.

Thanks for being part,


Ximena Gonzalez - CEO & Creative Director