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How to take care of my dog ​​in the cold?

The days get shorter, the temperatures drop, we take out the wool sweaters and gloves and suddenly the question arises: how to face the beginning of winter with a pet? Of course, it depends a lot on where you live and what your dog is like. The climate of certain regions is implacable, while others are temperate all year round, there are more or less cold breeds ...

Keep reading and discover useful tips to take care of your dog and ensure its well-being in cold seasons .

The coldest breeds

Dog breeds – or mixes – are not the same when it comes to temperatures, whether high or low. Resistance to low temperatures has a lot to do with the coat – its density, its length, the presence of a double coat. Huskies, Saint Bernards, Akitas, German shepherds originating from high mountain forests or snowy areas evolved to adapt to cold environments , which generally do not affect them.

On the other hand, the canines that suffer the most in extreme seasons are those with very short hair and little body fat , for example xoloitzcuintles and hairless dogs, chihuahuas, French bulldogs and pugs, Great Danes, greyhounds and poodles. They therefore require additional care in winter.

Health status, age and lifestyle are also essential factors in this matter. Older dogs or puppies become more vulnerable since their metabolism is not optimal, as do overweight dogs.

Yorkshire dog with puffer vest for the cold

How do you know if your dog is cold?

Dogs that live in an apartment or inside the house tend to be more sensitive to the cold . They don't get used to temperature changes as much, so keeping an eye on them is especially important during the winter. There are several signs for pet owners:

  • Shivering : moving or not, the dog visibly shivering;
  • Lethargy : Behavior changes, moves slower, sleeps more than usual, generally curls up to conserve heat;
  • Breathing : breathing is slower, your nose may become dry.

As for humans, the symptoms of a cold are: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes . If you detect them in your pet, it is important to go to the veterinarian to avoid any complications, especially if their behavior or appetite changes.

Mixed-breed dog dressed in a puffer vest against the cold

Precautions in winter

If your dog is used to sleeping outside, it is necessary to offer him a closed house isolated from the ground. Some veterinarians advise increasing food rations, since more calories are consumed in the cold, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Beyond their diet, other adaptations can be useful. The walk can be adapted to the season , for example by changing the time or reducing the duration in case of extreme weather. It is important to check the pads and paws again to make sure there are no injuries, and dry the dog if its coat is wet .

If your dog starts to shiver during a walk, you should return or put a hoodie or vest on him to protect him , prevent him from getting cold, and make sure he can fully enjoy his outings. That is why we designed the EPIC puffer with the highest quality and attention to detail in five sizes to adapt to all morphologies, in a premium material that maintains an optimal state of warmth for your pet on cold days.

Despite what many people believe, it is cold in Mexico . Don't wait to buy the 100% nationally made vest that your pet deserves!


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